Seeing Yellow...

This is the first fall in our home. It is so exciting to see what fall colors emerge in our yard. Finally the big shade tree in our backyard has shown its fall colors...yellow!
Last Friday I sat out by the fire pit and our big old tree was still green. But over the weekend the color came. Now it is a wonderfully vibrant yellow. The leaves reach high above the house so the color even casts a yellow hue in the windows of the house. Its amazing.
I have loved our tree throughout these seasons. The shade it provides us in the summer makes it so comfortable in the heat. The dead sticks that fall from it now give us great fire starting power in our fire ring and in the fireplace inside. Now it is giving us a beautiful gift of fall color to enjoy. And soon it will give us the gift of excersize by having to rake up all of its fallen leaves.
The weather is unseasonably warm (mid 70's). I swept and cleaned our screen draped porch today in anticipation of a week of dinners out under the chandelier and watching the yellow sun go down and illuminate our yellow tree in the sunset...

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  1. These pictures are AWESOME Megan. It looks like your getting more "acquainted" with your D60!