Today is the big day! With strep throat and headache I will go to the polls. Canaan can't wait to go and watch us vote...very exciting times!
Yes, strep throat. Yuck. Of course on our most gorgeous fall week of the year (beautiful color outside and mid 70's) all I want to do is sleep and sew quietly during my awake time.

I took a picture of Ezra as we left for church Sunday. He was adamant about bringing his skateboard (which is missing 2 wheels) to church. I love his style. He likes to wear Canaan's clothes most of the time, actually. Ezra has much more of a laid back style where as Canaan likes to look a bit more sleek. He loves to wear polos or button down shirts and pop the collar (I SWEAR we never showed him this or put it up for him!!!) Anyhow, he has more of a funky GQ thing going.

As for my style this fall, its all about the leg warmers. I have 2 pairs now and just love, love, love them. I don't even think it is an appropriate "style" this season but I love them all the same. I haven't picked up an issue of Cosmo in a long time so I really have no current fashion sense.
So I vote----leg warmers. Are you ready for change? Leg warmers are the answer...
Have a great day!