Off to 1st Grade...

I don't think it gets any easier. I thought his leaving for Kindergarten was so sad...first grade is sad too. It means my little boy is growing up. He is so excited to start at his new school this year. This summer he was given a grant to attend a wonderful private school here in town. It is an amazing school~very hands on, creative, academically challenging, and full of extraordinary faculty. We feel very blessed that he has this opportunity. Each night he thanks God for being able to go there. I know it is going to be a fantastic opportunity for him and will help him continue to thrive and excel academically.

Ezra will be out of sorts for a few days, I'm sure, after having a fun filled summer with his brother. They fought (alot), but also grew in their relationship. As Canaan walked to the car today Ezra yelled "I love you Canaan"! Ezra isn't one to express his feeling through words as much so this was just absolutely precious.


  1. That is tooooo precious. I can only imagine Ezra yelling that out. I would have lost it and been sobbing all over the front yard :-)

  2. it's just to sweet to watch little brothers. Grey and Gentry's classrooms are across the hall from one another so Grey said he would give Gentry a hug and hi-five whenever he see's him to make him feel special.

    I no longer want to stalk one another, we should get the little guys together on a mon,wed,or fri. I'll come to you since we don't want you barfing on the highway:-) When???

  3. What a precious moment! I wish Ezra all the best for his first year in school!