These Are A Few Of My Favorite (Beauty) Things...

A few days ago I talked a bit about the idea of feeling pretty. Since that post I thought it would be fun to share my favorite beauty products.
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1. Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Cleansing Wash ~ at Target $4.49
Yes, you read that right. $4.49. I have been looking for a good face wash for years. I have finally found it. This stuff is amazing. So simple yet makes my face feel so clean. Love this stuff!

2. Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps Hemp Rose Pure Castile Soap ~ under $6
I love all of Dr. Bronner's products. In the summer I use the peppermint soap but in the winter I love the rose. I want to try eucalyptus next.

3. Fresh Umbrian Clay Absolute Concealer ~ $22 at Sephora.
This stuff is great for under eye circles (I need lots of this with a 2 month old baby!). Its amazing.

4. Bare Escentuals ~ at Sephora
This stuff has been in the marketplace for a while with lots of hoopla. I am a fan. It works for me and has for a couple of years now.

5. Provence Sante Vetyver
I am not really a perfume kinda gal. I like the smell of them on other people (usually) but when I spray myself I just get really sick of the smell after about 10 minutes. I smelled this fragrance at a shop in St.Augustine a few years ago. At the time finances didn't allow for such things like $27 perfume. So I wrote down the name, stuck it in my wallet, and kinda forgot about it.
Last year, while at Whole Foods I saw this fragrance again. I sprayed myself with it just to make sure I still loved it as much as I had remembered...I did. Mike bought it for me and I have been in fragrance heaven ever since. Its woodsy in smell...not fruity at all.

6. Clarisonic~ the mack daddy of all purchases at a whopping $195...yes one hundred and ninety five dollars!
Yes, I spent nearly $200 on a beauty product nearly 6 months ago...and haven't regretted it once since.
I have been given (through genetics) not so nice skin. Its a bit blotchy, some rather large pores, and breakouts from time to time. No fun. During one of my QVC watching afternoons I saw them advertise this. I was immediately drawn in because...well I do love a good infomercial. I started researching these online and the reviews were amazing.
I gave Mike all of the reasons behind my need of this purchase. I told him that really it was only the cost of about 3 facials at a spa! I told him that I would never ask for an expensive beauty product again if he bought me this! And I told him that I would sell above and beyond at the shops to pay for it. Of course he needed none of these reasons because he is a wonderful husband who would have agreed to it from the get-go.
All this to say that I now own a Clarisonic and LOVE IT! L-O-V-E it. My skin looks a billion times better than ever and feels sooo soft and I just left a facial.

So there they know all of my beauty secrets now. What are yours? I am still on the lookout for a great face lotion and eye cream. Those pesky crows feet are starting to appear (lack of sleep probably doesn't help) and I want to find a great eye cream. Any suggestions?


  1. I used to be a noxema girl, but when we went vegan and I started researching what's in a lot of the stuff I was using, I started using cold pressed organic coconut oil. I use it daily as a moisturizer on my face and basically any body part that you would use a lotion on. It is the best I have ever felt. It doesn't make you greasy and my eczema is completely gone. You can also cook with it, so double bonus! You can read about coconut oil on and go under "Robyn Recommends".

  2. Dr. Bronner's is the best!!
    I use a homemade beeswax cream under my eyes.

  3. I love this list! So clean, simple, and smart ;) I will have to check out Provence Sante Vetyver, it sounds like something i would love!!

  4. i love this post. Arbonne's night cream is quite nice.