Finding those moments..

Finding those little moments of peace and quiet in a house full of energy and life can be challenging.
Curling up with a good book or having an extended yoga session has become a thing of the past. So for now, I try to find snippets of time in a day that give me a sense of calm and remind me to take a few moments for myself.
Lately, I find that time with a daily cup of espresso. It started with a sale on Illy decaf espresso pods at Williams Sonoma. Typically, $14~ they were on sale for $3.50 (oh how I love a good sale!).
So now, each afternoon while Ezra and Otto nap, I make my way to the kitchen, put my sweet little espresso cup (thank you Kris!) under the spout and listen to the soft hum of the espresso machine as it makes my little afternoon treat.

I have no idea why this new habit makes me so happy, but it does. My only fear is when I run out someday soon. Not sure the budget allows for $14 espresso pods right now...
I raise my little espresso cup in "cheers" to finding a few quiet moments throughout the week.


  1. It can be really hard to find a quiet moment - we have six children and home learn.
    For me I can't necessarily plan a moment to myself, but when I do find myself available to enjoy the quiet for a just a bit, I make myself a cup of Yogi, Women's Energy and look through a magazine.
    Happy Monday. Warm wishes, Tonya

  2. I love the Smith Tavern glasses too! I think it's a prophetic sign of things to come :)

  3. very cute little cups-
    you should try and do yoga while you wait for your expresso!

  4. Oh I know where you're coming from! You've got to savor those moments.

  5. that is too gorgeous. i think i may need to get some coffee now...

    xo Alison

  6. coffee is totally what i look forward to! first thing in the morning and as soon as my 14 month only goes down for her nap! it really is such a little bit of happiness in the middle of the day! nice pics!

  7. Since I am not an expresso drinker I have no clue what an expresso pod is, but I love your expresso maker and the cup is adorable. I would definitely cheer me up on a afternoon.

  8. My hat is off to you, mama of is always good to know what calms you in moments, hours, or days of overwhelm and exhaustion. ;)