I went out to get the eggs from the coop yesterday morning and can I just say, these first few minutes of the morning are quickly becoming a favorite part of my day. My short walk out to the chickens gives me a few minutes to breathe in the morning air and give thanks to God for such a wonderful life.
I find myself talking out loud at times showing graditude for so many things. Thankfulness for this amazing home we've created. We looked for over 5 years for a house. We wanted to be in the hustle and bustle of the city but also had a deep craving for a simple country life.

This home has given us both. We are just two miles from the heart of downtown yet our backyard is filled with endless acres of tranquility and nature. And chickens! I never would have imagined having chickens...I feel like a true country gal.
I am thankful for our health each and every morning. Thankful for a house full of boys that continually remind me to let loose and not take life too seriously. I am thankful for a sweet, nearly 3 month old, baby who is sleeping through the night.
I am thankful for my friendships~new and old. And more than anything, I am thankful for living this ridiculously amazing life with Mike. That man is beyond my perfect partner.
What are you thankful for?


  1. that bench is so beautiful. lovely post!

    xo Alison

  2. Thankful for the sunshine, the love from my "beyond perfect partner" and the smell of lilacs hanging heavy in the air! Thank you for your beautiful post.

  3. That is your property, Gorgeous. Sounds oh so lovely. What am i grateful for? Right now, that all my boys are sleeping and i can visit you. heehee.

  4. such lovely photos! your backyard looks like an oasis. i would love to have chickens one day.

    i am thankful for my patient husband. i'm also thankful for time for crafting, baking, and thrifting.

  5. i love your site! i found it through surfing on other blogs and am in LOVE! :) your kids are too cute as well as all of your beautiful work! thanks for sharing....

  6. I too am thankful for HOME, and for all who are in it.

    Love your photos...beautiful!

  7. Finally! (I have been having trouble with accessing comments since you rejigged things. All is working now.) So I am thankful for that.

    Right now I am thankful for the coming rain, the newly installed swingset (so I can actually engage my girls in physical play without the difficult for me park adeventure), and the raisin cookies my nanny made yesterday.