Midwestern Gal

I am a Midwestern gal. Born and raised right smack in the middle of Ohio. After high school I went to college in Milwaukee, got married and moved to Mississippi for a year. Back to Ohio for a short stint, then down to Florida. After some time there we moved here to Kentucky where we have been for 6 years.
Except for the occasional trip back to Ohio we don't get much Midwest time anymore. As much as people love their southern hospitality down here in Kentucky, I long for the people of the Midwest.
This weekend took a family road trip to the heart of the cornfields, Indiana. The landscape was breathtaking, the food was amazing and being with Midwesterners again felt so good.
Isn't it funny how much we long for our "roots"? Those comforting places and people that make up who we are? For my husband, his roots are deep in the mountains of Kentucky. For our boys theirs will be in the bluegrass...didn't see that one coming (our year long stay has turned into six).
In a couple of weeks we will head up to the Ohio State Fair. It is an annual pilgrimage for us starting when Canaan was a year old. A couple of weeks after that we will venture over to the Kentucky State Fair where Canaan and I are both entering a cooking contest (more on that another day) and submitting some things in hopes of winning a blue ribbon!
Here's a few pictures from our weekend trip. I will be posting about the stay later in the week on Backseat Traveler too.

This was an amazing shop in downtown French Lick, Indiana. Full of amazing things. I really wanted the large fish that had the tops of cowboy boots as its scales. It would have been a perfect addition to our home...Mike didn't agree.

Downtown French Lick

Croque Madame at a local brew house we found in New Albany, Indiana. Amazing food, amazing beer.

The Pommes Frites came with several dipping sauces. My favorite ~ lavendar syrup.