Movie Nights

This summer has brought with it a new tradition of family movie nights...almost every night. We seemed to have found excitement and comfort in crawling up on our couch, making a big bowl of popcorn and watching an old movie.

This summers favorites have been Swiss Family Robinson, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mary Poppins, the PBS documentary series "Frontier House", and old episodes of Lawrence Welk.
Although most families would head outdoors during the summer nights, the mosquitoes are ridiculously thick here and have their sights set on eating Canaan alive ~ so we tend to gravitate outdoors during the cool fall nights or build an outdoor fire on a wintry afternoon.

Otto is growing up so quickly. I keep telling him to slow down on that growing up stuff but he doesn't seem to listen. Oh its so heart wrenching seeing our last baby grow out of those sweet,tiny baby clothes.

Ezra has started playing basketball this summer. This is his self-proclaimed basketball uniform...down to the lime green shoe laced Nike's he bought himself for his birthday. After practice last week he came home and ate a whopping 4 plates of spinach salad ~ and then asked for more.


  1. I like movies and the idea of a good family movie seems to be better than the fight with a big moscito!
    Have a great time!

  2. We watch a lot of old shows at night to wind down for bed. I just ordered The Best of Lassie set from Amazon and the kids like it so far. best part was I got it for free with the gift cards I got from searching with swagbucks :) I also got Angie Smiths book I Will Carry You. I've been wanting to read it, but I know it's going to make me cry!!

  3. summer is the best.

    ps. tell ezra i love his look.

  4. How incredibly cute your children are! Just look at this sweet boy and his fabulous outfit! Love this : )

  5. your boys are absolutely amazing! Love the Brasil flavored b-ball shorts, too. :)

  6. Family movie nights are the best!! What a beautiful family you have ;) Love these photos!

  7. Love the sweat band!
    Those movie titles remind me of my youth and Saturday afternoons spent at the Legion watching movies.

  8. I grew up on those movies, at an Mk school. Good memories of movie night! Enjoy the popcorn and memory making! Your boys are precious!!