My First Giveaway!

For years! I have wanted to do a giveaway on the blog...the time is finally here!
This giveaway is for a couple of things from my summer collection. A linen covered notepad and a linen and antique lace wrist cuff. I love wearing a cuff ~ just a pop of something fun with the cute tanktops or tee shirts.

And my linen covered notepad is something I use religiously. I keep all of my to-do lists in there, carry around extra cash, and write little notes to Canaan to stick in his backpack during the school year.

Here are the details~ To enter:

1. Tell me your favorite place to buy fabric/craft supplies online.

To be entered up to 3 more times~

*Blog about this giveaway and link back to it.

*Share with your friends on facebook.

*Sign up for the quarterly newsletter.

~Only 3 entries per person and be sure to leave a comment for each entry.

Giveaway will close on Sunday night at 9pm EST.

Good luck!


  1. Megan- you are the coolest :) I'd love to be entered in your giveaway!

  2. Oh and I facebooked about you :)

  3. Yay Megan! I love giveaways and those look especially lovely. My favourite place to shop online is Etsy.

    I'll let you know if I manage to organize myself enough to link you to my blog!!:)


  4. Great Giveaway- My fave online fabric source is etsy! I also really love Dharma Trading for silk and un-dyed fabrics.

  5. Your gifts are so gorgeous, I love the simple linen paired with lace on the cuff. I purchase fabric from Etsy and Waldorf craft supplies from Nova Naturals and A Toy Garden. Thank you for the chance : )

  6. I have also signed up for your newsletter! : )

  7. What a clever idea for a cuff. Both of the give aways are so cool. I like to purchase fabric from and

  8. argh...i love the giveaway items, but i don't really buy fabric yet. i sewed two napkins together for practice with my sewing machine this week. i wish i would have learned to sew a long time ago, but alas, here i am. i think i can, i think i can :) anyway, i will sign up for the quarterly newsletter.

    thanks megan!


  9. My favorite online source for fabric is Hancocks of Paducah. And of course etsy is also wonderful. I have been eyeing one of these cuffs for a while :)

  10. I also signed up for the newsletter :)

  11. My favorite place to shop for fabric is esty since I live over 75 miles away from a fabric store.

  12. i haven't done too much online buying lately... i used ebay for a few steals once upon a time tho :)

  13. please. may i. love this.

    my favorite place to buy fabric is etsy. i buy from several suppliers, not anyone in particular.

  14. You have one of my favorite blogs! I found it through a friend's and you have such a simple, inspiring blog- please keep it going!
    I certainly am just getting into crafting- sewing mainly. I will certainly pass your blog on via facebook and would love to be considered in the giveaway!!

  15. I suppose I didn't tell you where I visit/buy/look for fabric and supplies. Becuase I'm a "newbie" I have just been going to Joann Fabric here in town. I am going to look for more ideas I suppose I get into it.
    Thanks!- Dana

  16. this is such a fun giveaway!

    i don't buy much fabric online because my favorite fabrics are vintage linens that i get at local thrift stores. i have bought from a couple of different etsy shops, though.