Vintage Fabrics and Sweet Treats

I scored some amazing vintage fabric this weekend at a friend's yard sale. She was sweet enough to give me the heads up that she was selling some of her stash, so I got first dibs the night before the big sale. Just look at all of those amazing colors and patterns!

Loving these colors!

And this one...oh this is dreamy!

In other news, lots of sweet treats happening around here lately. I think I am making up for lots of lost time while I was pregnant and wasn't feeling spunky enough to be in the kitchen.

While Canaan has still been working his way through Cake Keeper Cakes Cookbook (every single recipe has been amazing!), I have found my sweet tooth inspiration at David Lebovitz's website . The recipes are inspiring, interesting, and most importantly..delicious! Last week I made the Candied Bacon Ice Cream with a few tweaks. I substituted buttermilk for an extra tang (I love tangy ice cream) and also added more candied bacon ~ 5 strips of bacon is certainly not enough for a whole batch, right?!

Thanks to everyone who signed up for the giveaway! Amanda As A Bee is the winner! Congrats!! I'll contact you for mailing info and get the goodies right out to you.