Hello Marshmallows

Its that time of year again. Busy season for The Marshmallows Company. Canaan, who started this little enterprise at age 5 is now nearly 8 and the company is growing by the year. We're already a bit behind schedule with orders but catching up on it all and happy to see all of the orders rolling in.

Slowly he is taking on more tasks that are associated with his business. Yesterday he spent some time emailing back his customers. Here was one of the emails he sent. I love the P.S. at the end.

"Dear (so and so),
This is Canaan. I have peppermint and vanilla. I can just bring them to school. I'll have them ready before Christmas break. Thank you for thinking of me. P.s. i'm really typing this.
Sincerely, Canaan"

This whole business thing has been so fun and so educational. Lessons about giving back financially (tithing), realizing that he actually has to work for money, how to budget, buying supplies, paying his employees (i.e. Ezra), setting goals and achieving them, disappointment when orders don't come in as often as he'd like, learning to interact with customers and speak well with adults, and the list could go on and on.

So from now until Christmas we will be knee deep in marshmallows...yum.

(If you want to get your hands on some of these uber-delicious marshmallows, just click the icon in the right hand sidebar).