I Said In My Heart..."I Love My Life"

Last night I started feeling well enough (from this week of yucky flu like symptoms) to clean the house. Really, it was so dirty it should have been condemned by the health department...ok that's an exaggeration but for someone like me who likes a tidy home, it was leaning toward uber-gross.
Anyhow, while making my way through piles of dishes I looked onto the ledge of the sink and just had to smile. Immediately I said in my heart, "I love my life". I have these moments often. Sometimes when I am walking in from outside and look through the big picture window to see Mike and the boys cuddled on the couch, I say in my heart, "I love my life". When the boys find 2 of Otto's wet diapers and begin smacking each other and sword fighting with them (as happened just yesterday)...even then I say in my heart, "I love my life". So last night, while doing the dishes, I looked up on the ledge and saw Otto's rubber ducky, Canaan's toothbrush (that needed disinfecting because Ezra decided to taunt him by brushing the toilet lid), the pencil from homework (who knows how that landed there), the water bottle from basketball practice, and a baby's mesh teething bag...I once again said in my heart, "I love my life". Because really, truly I do.