Keeping It Together

About this time every year the walls start closing in at the Smith Homestead. The clutter of the season (Christmas and wintertime alike) get to be a bit much. Instead of cleaning continually, as I usually do, I have just let much of it go this week. By no means is it cathartic but it is what it is. Mittens and scarves are mingled with toys and games which are mingled in with fabric and writing drafts which is also mingled in with marshmallow ingredients and Christmas cookies.
About this time of year I also wish for a pina colada on the beach somewhere and a 6000 square foot house to get lost in for a while.
Not too much to ask for on my Christmas list, right?

A complete list of items on the table...and yes, those are deer antlers sprouting out of our antique typewriter.
4 stretcher bars for a Christmas gift project in progress
1 Pirate Ship
2 candles, a coat, water, a watch, 2 stretched canvas' ready to gift, Mod Podge, a printer, a business plan, 2 advent calendars, a 1994 Kentucky State Fair cookbook, a list of marshmallow orders to fill, a grocery list, a carved wooden toy chair from this years Ohio State Fair, twine and a VHS of Its The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.
Now to get this cleaned up for dinner...


  1. What a beautiful and busy jumble it all is!

  2. happy holidays to you.

    ps. i did notice the antlers before i read the words. smile.

  3. Heck, that's my house on any given week!
    Hang in there.

  4. OH, I understand table mess! We're moving in a week, and I have been boxing up items for the last 2 months so you would think there is nothing left to be hanging around on my table, and yet, as I write this there is a camera, tape,(not the packing type) several paper snowflakes in progress, a backpack hookie thing, several drawings of horses and bunnies done by an 8 year old, glue, a basket of paperwork and a ipod hook up wire (oh yeah and a few bills to pay!) Sigh! My table is rarely empty and pretty!!

  5. It may feel jumbled, but it looks beautiful! I hope that you are all having a great holiday season.

  6. GORGEOUS photo!! I love that you have a pirate ship on your list ;)