The 3 "P's" ~ Popcorn, Puzzles and Pregnancy

Its a snowy day here at the Smith Homestead. A snow fact. The only way we can make it through days like these is with a schedule. I really hate to schedule my days, especially snow days, but Canaan just can't seem to function without them. He is a creature of habit and loves a plan. So that's what we did at 9am this morning. We made a plan. 9:30-10:30~play with blocks, Lego's, etc... (building time) 10:30-11am~puzzle time....and so it goes.

The puzzle time seems to be a big hit today. Both Canaan and Ezra have graduated to a new difficulty level which has been exciting and challenging.

Popcorn. Well since it is snowy and this mama hasn't been to the grocery store in a while, there are many bowls of popcorn to be eaten. Add in some homemade applesauce I canned this fall, some chicken noodle soup to be made a little later on and some surprise banana splits for this evening ~ I think we're set.

No, I am not pregnant. But my friend did start a new magazine recently. She sent me a copy and I am just blown away! I am so proud of her...on so many levels. She has overcome alot in recent years. A child with debilitating seizures, a near divorce and a change in life's path...its been a rough ride but she has emerged more full of life, beautiful and resilient than ever. You can check it out online here
Just further confirmation of what I already mama's really are capable of anything and fulfilling our dreams.