The Hair Dilema

As a long haired mama not willing to give up long trusses just yet, you will usually find me sporting one of three styles:
1. The Ponytail
2. Little House on the Prairie Braids
3. An actual cute hair style (i.e. lots of blow drying, straightening, curling, etc...)

The latter happens much too infrequently, as can be imagined with 3 boys underfoot. Yet I feel most like a 'woman' and less like a 'mama' with my #3 hairstyle...which is quite necessary once in a while.

This week my hair has undergone a whole transformation thanks to this video. Someone had posted a clip on FB and Ezra and I, while lying on the couch waiting for Otto to wake up from his afternoon nap, watched as this pretty European gal completely revolutionized the future of my hair style.

And I am pretty sure if this works for my hair it will work for any hair. I have the thickest (in the back) thinnest (in the front), frizziest, half/wavy half/straight hair in the world. And it works.

This week I have been going around during the day with my hair rolled up like a 40's pin up girl (sometimes with a little flower broach clip in the front too).
*I am not too fond of my photos being taken...but I am giving in for the sake of demonstration.)

And when its time to hit the town in with Mike and the boys to the library or the grocery store (we live it up here in Lexington) or the occasional late night drinks with girlfriends, I have a slightly sexy~ very grown up hair style. With. No. Effort. At. All.
Revolutionary indeed for this ponytail mama.

...must not be too serious for these final reveal photos ;)


  1. Amanda Anderson9/8/11 9:01 AM

    Fantastic! I must learn how to do this. I have the same hair issues as you, and a while back cut my hair because I could never make it look like that and I wanted a change. Something other than long and straight...but I didn't really want to give up the long. Any whoo. I'm growing it back out now and can't wait to give this a try :) Thanks!

  2. You rock it both ways!
    I do think you need a belted shirtdress or a smock apron for the first one though.

  3. Are you kidding me?! I have the most boring, straight hair in the world and if that works half as good for me as it did for you - I'll be pumped! (when my hair grows back out). Love it!!

  4. Beautiful hair! But, your expressions did crack me up. I actually liked the old-fashioned pin up style in the first picture. Very retro and likeable!

  5. Super-cute! I'm going to try this!

    I also found a video on you tube a while ago:

    It's a video on curling your hair with scraps of material! Go figure! I've done it with my own hair and my daughter's.

    Your video might be easier and give the same results. Can't wait to try!

    Thanks again!

  6. Thanks for the hair tip! I showed my daughter this and now our nightly ritual is for us to roll it all up and wake up to beautiful curls for the day. SHe has hair much like yours I think.
    My hair is currently not long enough, but after seeing your long curls and watching the latest Jane Eyre movie; I have a strong wish for long again. So, maybe one day I will be trying this out on my own hair as well.

  7. Hi! A mutual friend of ours sent me here, Sarah A****n. Adorable blog, and I can't wait to try out this hairstyle! I'm with you on the 1,2,3 hairstyles, I do the exact same thing! I'll be running out to get a hairband today! Thanks!