Brotherly Love

Life with three boys (ages 8,5 and 1) has its set of challenges. For a while now I have felt some frustration that playing a family board game just doesn't quite look like those great commercials on TV and car trips don't seem to be as calming and sweet as I had hoped.
The boys bicker...a lot. They so different in temperament, so different in energy levels, different sense of humor and get it.
This summer has been in some ways a repeat of last ~ lots of fighting, lots of time outs and lots of mom and dad "teaching moments". Thankfully this summer has brought with it many glimmers of hope for a more peaceful future and dare I say, some brotherly love.
Canaan is learning the art of being an older brother. It comes with lots of responsibility but also doses of patience and humility. Ezra is learning to let bigger brother lead and teach too, which is a breathe of fresh air after months of clashing.

Some highlights of the summer of brotherly love have been the peaceful moments of chess playing at the kitchen table. Canaan has been a patient teacher, indeed. And the sweet moments of Ezra learning to tie his shoes from big brother are seared into this mama's memory for life.

School starts up again soon. I can't believe another summer has come and gone. I have a 3rd grader now and the middle is heading to kindergarten (*sniff, sniff*).
Next summer will present a whole new set of challenges, I'm sure. But I can't wait for another few weeks to observe and enjoy the dynamics of Smith brotherly love.

**I couldn't help but include a photo of Ezra's latest style options. I have blogged many times about his uber great style. Nowadays neckties are making a daily appearance. Clip on ties work perfectly with his Shawn White tee shirts...or so Ezra believes.


  1. The sibling fighting stuff sucks...but these loving moments make it all worth it. My husband grew up one of three boys and fought like cats and dogs. Fought so badly that their parents thought something was wrong with them and needed counseling. They are all best friends now :)

  2. Good to know, Julianna! I too have asked Mike, "do we need to send them to counseling"? This coming from an only child (me). I am not used to this sibling bickering!

  3. The bickering will get better! There were days that I thought my mom was going to kill us (me and two younger brothers) because of all the fighting we did. We're 25, 22 and 19 now and we're best of friends and have been for awhile. Once we realized that we were each others best allies things got a lot better. Good luck!

  4. Siblings make each other stronger. And the little guys' fashion sense is just awesome!

  5. Megan! so nice to get on here and catch up with you (is this really what it's come to??) and some photos of the kiddos. Is otto walking? oh my! how can it be??? Hope you're doin well. Will try to call this week! xo Kristie