Some Lovelies

Some lovely wall art ~ source unknown

A cake from a lovely baking blog ~ Sweetapolita

A lovely craft booth...I don't think beautiful displays like this happen at craft fairs in Kentucky ~ source unknown

~source unknown

As always, I am inspired by so much I see, touch, taste and experience. One of the biggest sources of not only inspiration but health and energy I have found in the past year is The Esmonde Technique ~ Classical Stretch. As some of you know, I have had ongoing back issues for some time now. I have always been prone to back problems but an injury after a workout nearly two years ago made things take a turn for the the point of being unable to sit, for even a few minutes, and losing sleep.
About a year ago I ran across a 30 minute program on our PBS station called Classical Stretch. I DVR another great workout program and thought I'd give this one a chance. It has revolutionized my health and my life.
The science behind the technique is amazing and each workout is so educational. I sweat buckets and my legs feel like jelly by the end and amazingly I go to bed and wake up the next morning, nearly pain free. But even more so, the flexibility I am gaining, the freedom of movement, the strength in my core, legs and back surpass anything I have ever received from my intense pilates and yoga classes of the past.
The developer of this technique is a former ballerina and works with not only many professional athletes but even has a DVD series specifically for those facing breast cancer rehabilitation.
I am not usually one to promote products on the blog...but I couldn't pass up the chance to shout from the mountaintops the praise of this program.


  1. That cake is all kinds of awesome! How goes the Homestead?

  2. Very nice. Stretching can indeed bring great relief to many things that ail us.