I'm A Kentucky Food Blogger

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Photo taken by fellow food blogger, Lori Rice

There's a new group in town.
A group with over 60 of us and growing.
We talk food, often.
We eat food, often.
And this weekend, shared an amazing meal together, marking our first official networking dinner.
Dinner at one of the finest restaurants in Kentucky, no less. Jonathan's at Gratz Park ~ oh la la, indeed! And to further add to the grandeur of the night, Alltech, a world leader in animal health and nutrition (their Angus steaks are amazing~), sponsored our amazing dinner.
I feel really lucky to live in a town with such an amazing group! I wouldn't necessarily label myself strictly a "food blogger" but my blog obviously encompasses alot of food so I am glad the group has warmly welcomed me.
And the group, of both men and women, college aged to retired, make up a generous, warm and really intelligent group of people.
We feasted on ridiculously yummy food, were given swag bags at the end of the night filled with all sorts of Kentucky Proud products, a signed copy of Jonathan Lundy's cookbook AND I won a $25 Marksbury Farm gift card at the end of the night. I know, right?!
We were also given tickets to the Incredible Food Show the following day.

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A day filled with food sampling, cooking demonstrations from the Voltaggio brothers and...well more food sampling, was more than this girl could have ever hoped for.

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Canaan learning about bees from a local honey producer.

We ended the weekend with food and friends (I think there is a constant theme throughout this post). After the show we met friends downtown for pizza. By total accident we found an amazing balcony open to the public, yet empty, that overlooked a festival happening below. I won't divulge the location because a girl should never give away her secrets~

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A photo of my dear friend Julie dancing with Otto

The perfect weekend ended perfectly. Music serenading us below, a beautiful sunset, pizza, friends and the warmth of the autumn sun on our faces. Thank you Lord.


  1. Great post! Looks like Canaan had a great time as well! I really enjoyed talking with you and hope we have a chance for more meet ups in the future!

  2. It was so nice to meet you! I sure am glad that image of me is distorted because that would be larger than life!

  3. It was lovely meeting you!

    Great write up. I had a wonderful time at both events and feel terrible that I didn't have time to do a post before I left for vacation the next day.