So what do you think of this new fancy blog? I am so excited to finally get an overhaul. It was much overdue. Mike and I have been tinkering with the html for months now trying to get things the way I wanted but to no avail. So I found this miracle worker and voila, a perfectly organized blog. Hooray!

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Lots of things happening (aside from the blog) over this way. Loads of freelance writing ~ yippee!
A weekend trek to a molasses stir off in the Appalachian mountains AND an amazing history lesson at a Civil War Battle Reinactment.

If you are out and about this weekend, pick up a copy of Hobby Farm Home's Popular Kitchen Series Magazine, Pies and Cakes. I have lots of articles, recipes and photos in this issue

Yep...thats my sweet Ezra eating a fruit tart. One of the perks of being the photographer~