The Gift of Bread

The most lovely box came in the mail on Friday from the famed Philadelphia restaurant, City Tavern.

I love "foodie" gifts this time of year ~ ok... in actuality I love foodie gifts all year long. But this time of year gifts of sweet food are even more special.
You can order a set of 3 amazing City Tavern breads here. The Pineapple bread with Jamacian Rum is scary good. Like, 'I-need-to-hide-this-from-myself-so-I-can-wear-jeans-next-week' good.



  1. I know what you mean about being able to fit into jeans next week! We have all kinds of food around here too and it's so hard to stay out of the kitchen, but I'm trying my best. That bread looks delicious!

  2. this entire season helps me build up to a new pair...that looks amazing. was just nibbling a rum ball with my tea and am in bread envy!
    foodie gifts are the best kind. x ashley

  3. Yeah for my maternity jeans!

  4. I am not sure I've ever had a rum ball, Ashley! Sounds divine. Anything with rum is "divine" in my book :) fair.