Ezra; He Reads, He Kicks Goals and He Woos the Girls

Ezra is a Renaissance man if ever there was one. He'll turn 6 soon. In just a few short weeks, in fact. I keep telling the boys to slow it down on this aging thing, but they aren't listening.

Kindergarten has been great for our Ez. His teacher is out-of-this-world perfect for him. The balance of sweet and spunky that Ezra find comradery with. Kindergarten holds really fond memories for me and I know, without a doubt, he will have the same.

Ez has always loved soccer. Last weekend, on the drive home from another great game he told us he love to play soccer because he was born to play it. Seeing this kid in action on the field, I'm getting the sneaking suspicion he might be right. And more power to him. I wish, at 33, I knew what I was born to do.

And let me just tell you a bit about our ladies man. A very respectful, sweet ladies man, of course. No teasing or sending girls home crying to their moms~ he has the fine art of wooing the girls down to an art.
This photo, snapped by my uber amazing and uber pregnant-with-twins friend (how she was able to squat down to take photographs is beyond me) was taken a couple of months ago in our backyard. Go check out her site ~ her work is swoon-worthy.

In June he will be 6. Any fun birthday party ideas out there? I am always on the hunt for some unique (but not over-the-top) party suggestions and Lord knows, this year I am falling just a little behind on this whole birthday party thing.



  1. What a doll! It sounds like he's a great, well-rounded kid. You clearly did something right (: What about a sports-related birthday party where you could set up a little obstacle course with different themed games or "obstacles" around the yard? Or how about a bake sale party where the kids could make sweet treats and then donate them to some charitable organization? Just 2 thoughts that popped into my head.

  2. I have the same question about parties. My Monster is 6 in June as well. (Oh, if these two should ever meet...)

  3. Wow, he really looks like a great soccer. Most kids at this age pick flowers on the side of the field. Perhaps a soccer-party?

  4. Well, I attempted to leave a note here last week...Just wanted to fill you in on the party I threw my daughter, who just turned 6 on May 6, for her birthday. It went pretty well. We rented (although perhaps I could've gotten away with not paying for it--the day started out overcast, but who would've known) a shelter at a nearby park, invited 10 friends, set up a craft station, set out a few dishes for kids and adults alike and provided a pinata (it was Cinco de Mayo). I had also planned on some games--relay type games in honor of KY Derby, but the "fillies" seemed to enjoy doing the craft and then running around on the ample playground. The craft part was the clincher, I think. I had gone to Michaels trying to find some "hats" so the partygoers could decorate and take home a useful party gift. However, the baseball caps were like 5 dollars a pop (too expensive) and the visors were of a flimsy foam material that as a parent, I would have counseled my daughter to throw away post party. I caved and bought a package of the flimsy visors for lack of any other viable option at the time, but the day before the party, when finishing up some last minute shopping, I came across some canvas visors by chance at Walmart (a store I typically avoid like the plague). I was in the "craft" part, looking for gems, sequence packages, when I spied a white visor just sitting alone on a shelf. Obviously, someone had had a similar notion in mind. I asked some associates where the visors could be found and after some "gee, I don't know, that's not my area, ask so and so" responses, I finally located the visor mecca. I was even happier when I noticed they were less than 2 bux a pop. So I bought 10 of those, took back my loot to Michaels and ended up with a fine craft idea. We don't do clowns, animals, merry go rounds or bands...just friends, paint, cake and fun.