Kickstarting Something Great

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A few months ago, CAKE&WHISKEY was born. At the time, it was an idea for a quarterly business women's get together here in our city. I shared a bit about it over on this post. Around that same time, that idea served as a springboard for something much larger....much, much larger.

As an advocate and hit-you-over-the-head preacher of setting goals and going for them~ when this larger idea started nudging me, I knew it was something I needed to reach for.
Next week, the first issue of CAKE&WHISKEY; the Sweet & Spirited World of Business, will go to print. Oh my....see, I told you it was something big!

From the onset of this project I have been surrounded by such willing and capable talent~ none more so than an amazing photo editor, Sarah Jane. There have been so many people over the past months that have lent time, resources, knowledge, guidance and the gentle (and sometimes downright know who you are) towards the first issue finish line.
I thought I knew what it meant to face fears but striving for this goal has been the biggest fear facing showdown to date. To reach deep down and know...really know, without a doubt that this magazine~this concept~ this opportunity to inspire women is something worth doing, takes some grit and courage. To put those words of self doubt that either I have spoken about myself or others have spoken into my life at some time or put those behind me and keep pressing forward...its a really stretching (sometimes painfully so) but rewarding experience to see to completion.

A few days ago, we launched a Kickstarter Campaign. Are you familiar with Kickstarter? There is a ton of info out there right now about Crowd Sourcing projects. I love the idea...its perfect for start-ups like CAKE&WHISKEY too. We are raising funds for the launch, using crowd funding as a platform to draw interest and awareness to the project as well as start our subscription base and launch in a debt-free, economically smart way.
This allows anyone who donates any amount from $4 to $10,000 to feel they are a part from the ground up. Its been so remarkable to have buzz generated from coast to coast already...although not surprising. There has been, up until this point, a need in both digital and print media for such a publication.

What I would love is if you could help spread the word through your chains of influence and social media. Of course, if you feel led to join the crowd and help fund CAKE&WHISKEY, that would be amazing. Please take a few minutes to read more about CAKE&WHISKEY on the links up top and again, we’d love any shout outs on your social media outlets or any other form of support you’d feel good about doing.

Thank you friends & readers far and wide....and please drop me a line~ I'd love to know your thoughts!