Weekend Road Trip

On Saturday afternoon, Mike and I quietly packed the car while the kids were pre-occupied with wrestling maneuvers and paper airplanes. Canaan and I were going on a road trip. I didn't tell him until we were cruising on 75 North. He was beyond excited.

A road trip with Canaan is always properly enjoyed when it centers around food. Looking back through the archives of this blog, there is a running theme of "foodie-ness" in this child....after all he does own a gourmet food company. I also agreed to some usually-out-of-the-question items like Mt. Dew Freezes and late night Skyline Chili drive thru, which made my nearly 10 year old feel like king of the world for a weekend.
his mothers son. Sunny day photos...

It was a road food trip, a shopping trip, a sleeping in trip, an Angry Birds-while-driving-on-the-interstate trip and a music trip. Introductions to Phil Collins, Michael Jackson, Donald Fagan and Rod Stewart were made this weekend and brain circuits were fried when I told him that the person singing "Billy Jean" was not a 12 year old tan girl with braids like he thought.

We had some great conversations...a few that totally cracked me up. I kept a running journal of sorts on a spiral notebook in the backseat~ writing a few down as the miles, hours and days rolled by. 

C: What does fromage to eternity mean?
M: Canaan, its from here to eternity. Fromage means cheese in French.
C: Oh. Fromage to eternity must be a European saying then.

M: Is there any drama in 4th grade?
C: Girls. But they're just born that way.

C: Laughing gas is no laughing matter. What's so funny about people dying?
M: I think you're talking about mustard gas.

C: I have a big bug bite in the corner of my eye.
M: Canaan, that's your tear duct.
C: No. I'm pretty sure I have a bug bite in the corner of each eye.