Buying Local at Christmas

Between Louisville and Lexington, we have some really great, independently owned shops~ Here are some of my favorites and a few new ones that have come across my radar.....happy holiday shopping~ and if you live outside the Bluegrass state~ I'd love to know where you're shopping this year!
This shop is a bit of heaven on earth. The owners are simply amazing and the items continually surprise me.
This sweet coffee shop/bakery has it all.....

...including a sound room with a record player.

This shop had an abundance of fairly priced gift giving goodies...and a big ol' red door that screamed "photo op"  

He really could spend hours reading the labels in this shop.

I, for the life of me, can't remember the name of this shop. Anyone? Regardless, it was pretty dreamy.



  1. Looks like Red Tree to me. On Market St. here in Louisville?

  2. I love visiting Finders Keepers! Can't afford a single thing in there, but love it nonetheless!

  3. My daughter goes to UofL and we really like The Gift Horse on Market Street. I'll have to check out some of these places the next time I go down for a visit.

  4. These shops look fabulous, I'd love to visit sometime.
    Enjoy the days leading up until Christmas!
    Newcastle, NSW

  5. Oooh - Very nice! I'll have to visit a few next time I'm home. Love buying local!

    Love visiting your me a little piece of home while I'm living out west. :)