another project done!

I finally got another thing off my checklist--- a quilt for some friends of ours who got married. Its a funky linen patchwork quilt--it turned out better than I had expected since it was just a thought in my mind that I sketched out on paper. Anyhow, on to the next project!

Christmas has come and gone....

The past couple of weeks have been so much fun. All the preparations for the "big day" were a bit tiring but enjoyable nonetheless. I handmade alot of gifts this year which was really time consuming! Holy cow. Many quilts, pillows, coaster sets, etc....
Canaan finally got an electric guitar. He has wanted one for about a year now but Mike told him he'd have to wait until he was 7 years old. But when it came down to it, there was NOTHING else he wanted but that guitar. He was SOOOOO excited. He left the day after Christmas to go to his Nan's house for a few days. He took the guitar with him so we haven't been able to watch him in action much yet.
Here's some pics from the past week.

Life nowdays

Things here in the Smith household are going well. We're all enjoying life to the fullest. Mike and I are now the college pastors at our church ( Its going great. Tons and tons of college students come there and we are having a great time meeting and connecting with many of them.
The boys are so much fun. Canaan is almost 5 and is so full of life. Its always a joy to watch him grow and learn and have such a happiness in his life. Ezra is fantastic as well. He is 18 months old and so much fun. He is on the go NON STOP which makes mama on the go NON STOP as well.
We're all crafting in the house too. Mike is still pursuing his candle company and we'd love to see that launched in 2008. I am crafting mostly for our home or for friends and family but one day I wouldn't mind selling some things. Canaan is continually his little artistic self. He loves music and mixing music. He loves to paint and "thread" (which is embroidery :) He loves it all-just like me.
Here's a couple of things I did today. A wrist/ bracelet thing I saw on Etsy somewhere and a pillow I designed and made for a gift for Christmas.


Here is the beginnings of Christmas decorations in our home. I got the idea for the trees from another blog and they were so easy and fun to make! I had painted the gourd lady last year and last night painted this whismical nativity scene. Hope your having fun decorating your home this season too!


I have finally finished the painting I started 3 years ago. I had found a photo of
my "dream house" and wanted to paint it. It is a quaint wood home in Vermont--so cute. Anyhow, I started the painting and just got burned out on it. Totally burned out and frustrated with it. So away it went for all this time. With our recent trip to New England I was inspired to pull it out and finish it. Really--I don't think I would ever truly be finished with it because I could find little things to improve all the time. But, I think--for now--it is finished. I will post a finished product after I have Mike make a frame for it and I get it up on the wall.

The fall purse

Each new season I like to make a different purse. For my fall bag I used a pattern from the new book, "Bend the Rules Sewing". I totally stink at following a pattern so a big thanks goes out to my mother in law for her coaching as I grumbled my way through it.

My new quilt

I got a brainstorm last week. I have been wanting to make a linen blanket for some while but didn't want to spend the $ on nice linen. So anyhow, last week at my weekly thrift store voyage, they had all shorts 2 for $.99
So I bought all the linen shorts I could find. Mens and womens. I came home with a pile, cut them into squares and made this little quilt for the boys. I embroidered little hedgehogs, a bird, and sheep on it. So that was the project this week....

These are the moments.....

I love times like these. Ezra was napping and Canaan and I both were still in jammies (at 11am). Both of us were covered with quilts; Canaan was drawing and I was reading cookbooks. We were listening to Fernanado Ortega and just enjoying the peace and serenity of the morning. I love times like these. They will be gone before I know it....savor it while I can!

Aprons, aprons, aprons

Still on my apron kick. Here is a little girly one I made yesterday.


I have been trying to embroider shirts for the boys. I usually can find them plain matching shirts at Old Navy and then add my own design. Canaan wanting a camping shirt so thats what these are.

Making it feel like home....

My how the time flys!

Ok, it has been what, months!, since I have last posted. Ok, maybe a month.
Regardless...too long. We have been moving into our new pad which is always
such a long and drawn out process. We went from an old 1800's house to a house
that is 3 years old. What the heck am I supposed to do to decorate?
All of our furnishings are antiques, thrift store finds, beloved auction finds, and
shabby chic pieces. How does that mesh with carpet, recessed lighting, and all that
comes along with a "new house"?
Its been tricky but I am finally starting to mesh the two ideas together. Over the next week or two I'll post some of my new decorating strategies for this place. Any ideas on how to continue with it would be much welcomed. Except for the living room, not much else has been touched. That will come in time I suppose....
Anyhow, its good to be back. I'll try to be more faithful from now on...

A recent painting

I finished this painting for our church last week. Also my 8 year old nephew, Drew, had drawn a picture and wanted me to make a tee shirt from it. Here is the end result!

My latest projects....

I have been so bad about blogging lately....but I have an excuse!!!!
Lately I have been on an apron kick. Can you tell? I have been making these little kids aprons recently and am going to sell them on Etsy. It has been a fun project. I have 3 done and 2 almost done (my goal was to complete 5 to sell).
The kitchen table has become sewing central though which means meals at the couch for the week. I love my old japanese sewing machine Mike bought me at the thrift store a few years ago. It weighs a TON though which isn't great for transporting anywhere. Nonetheless, it sews like a charm.
Next week, I will venture back into painting. I am scared to death to do that! I love to paint but truly it has taken a back seat to life for a while now. Our church has just finished a sermon series on "doing justice". In a nut shell--how to serve the poor (poor in spirit, financially, emotionally, spiritually, etc...) So going along with the theme in which our church has since really been taking it all to heart and serving people like crazy, there is going to be an "art gallery" with any form of art which expresses the theme of doing justice. All that to say, our pastor asked me to consider contributing to this. So I have an idea and now it is just a matter of getting over my fear and plunging in.
Thats next weeks project...I'll keep you posted....

My New Office

My "office" has moved into my cookbook nook. I wish I would have done it sooner! I love having a desk where I look through my cookbooks. Then I can sit and write out menu plans, grocery lists, etc... I also can do my coorespondance with friends, sift through magazines and just have my own little area of the home to myself to dream and create.

Apron Swap

I just participated in a "mini swap" through is impossible to make stand still)
Its mini because it was for the kids. Here is a picture of the cute apron Canaan got in the mail. It came with 3 recipe cards as well for some yummy foods we can't wait to make!


Yesterday I decided I wanted a new baby bag for Florida (we leave tomorrow). So I went through my fabric stash and came up with this. I totally love the end result. I used iron on pellon on the back of the fabric to make it a bit stiffer and not so flimsy. It has an inside pocket for my cell phone and keys as well.
It took about 2 hours of labor (4 hours with running around after the kids, making dinner, etc....).

A walk to the park

We finally had some great weather....atleast for a couple of days. Today we were back to 40 degrees and raining. But in that small glimmer of spring the boys and I headed to our little community park and spent some time in the sun. Ezra is growing beautifully. He is full of life. So funny and quirky. He honestly gives the funniest looks with his eyes. Canaan is just the most witty and cleaver child I know. Always has amazing questions to ask and everything in life is so stinkin exciting to him.....its a blast with these two! (Ezra was so funny too...he wouldn't crawl off that blanket for anything! He was not too fond of the grass and leaves so he kept himself in the middle of the blanket the entire time.)

Waiting for Spring....

Even though it is still 20 degrees outside, I have started spring cleaning. It is March of course! I moved a desk into my "cookbook nook" downstairs and it was one of those things where I wish I would have done it months ago! I love having a little work area down there. I'll take a picture another day and post it (feeling a bit lazy today). Anyhow, it gives me a workspace to organize recipes, pay bills, write letters, and just dream on paper.
Mike and I spent the weekend working our way through our storage stuff. No fun! Really we don't hoard all that much but Mike has a thing for books and since we have no bookshelves, all 10 boxes or so stay in our storage spot off the guest room.
I am definately ready for spring and for some warmer weather. Canaan is dreaming of the park and it will be fun to breathe some fresh air without our lungs hurting!

No Homemaking this week....

Boo fun crafts this week. Its all about my Ebay business. Trying to get caught up on all that I have been behind on. I have 2 boxes of spring stuff to start listing soon as well!
So this week is just "maintenence". Keeping the dishes clean, trying to work my way to the bottom of the laundry pile, and running after Ezra who is into everything nowdays.
These are fun times too, though. I love it!

A Collaberation....

Canaan drew his first "real" picture recently. It was the first thing we could actually figure out. Anyhow, it was an octopus. I took that drawing, copied it to fabric, and embroidered the outline of it. After that, I sewed it on a pillow and framed it with rick rack. I think it turned out perfectly! Its fun and quirky--just like Canaan! :)

Canaan's first stitching project

Today I taught Canaan how to stitch. He loved it! He held the rings for a while but his hands got tired so I held it for him. He got the hang of it really fast!