Around the House Part II

Our mantle is constantly changing. During the Christmas season it is strung with evergreen garland and dangling wool stockings. After Christmas I am ready to de-clutter the mantle a bit and so since January it has been fairly sparse. Just a few whiteware pottery pieces placed strategically in a line.
Recently we were on an out of town trip and came across a shop with all sorts of letters. From over 3 feet tall to under 6 inches in height. Even better than finding such a great place was finding that everything, including the letters, were really reasonably priced.
Mike and I spent a good half hour laying out all size letters on the shops floor to make our last name. All five letters came home with us for $30 and now have a home up on the mantle.

On the other side of the room is our little music area. Mike, an avid Wilco fan, has been gifted these Wilco posters (by me) for the past couple of years. A local artist here in Lexington does many of the bands artwork so I was lucky enough to get the tree directly from his studio. Our CD collection (I know, old school in this I-Pod age) is pretty extensive so I rotate them in and out of our Ikea CD holder every once in a while.
Speaking of music, what are you listening to nowadays? Canaan's favorite is always jazz. Everything from Dizzy to Ella. I have been loving Phoenix recently and throw-back country. I can't pass up a good George Jones or Merle Haggard song. Mike is loving Snow Patrol these days and of course, Wilco.