Tucked Away in the Mountains

Sewing on the closed in porch.

We headed deep into the eastern Kentucky mountains for the Memorial weekend holiday. I have talked often about our trips here in previous posts, but this trip was a new experience for our family.
My mother-in-law re-married last fall after being single for 11 years (Mike's father passed away soon after we were married). After their wedding she moved over the mountain~ a 45 minute drive~ to Roscoe's home. This has been a tough transition for my boys who absolutely adore their visits to Nan's house. They treasure their times cooking in her large kitchen, exploring the mountain paths, making bonfires in the fire pit Mike and I built for her before Canaan was born.
But life is full of transitions, isn't it? So we are learning to embrace this change and enjoying our times with Nan and Roscoe.
Roscoe's log home is beautiful. We have the upstairs loft to ourselves and I kind of feel like a pioneer family tucked away together. So fun.

The boys are beginning to warm up to this new adventure at Roscoe's homestead. He owns the quaint country grocery store next door and within hours Ezra had figured out that Roscoe has a running tab at the grocery store. This led him to convince his Nan to take him over there for some treats...which she gladly agreed to. Canaan being our wise one (especially with money) reminded Nan that if she continues to do that, she will make Roscoe poor. We all had a good laugh over that one...well except for Canaan, who was dead serious.

Our visits have taken on a new look and we are all learning to embrace the change and enjoy it. The boys still miss Nan's though and no doubt, always will.

Winston, guarding the porch.

I'll post a bit more about our trip in the next few days. So many great memories to share.


  1. i love the photo of you sewing on the porch.

  2. wow! what a beautiful spot!
    it certainly looks like a lovely place to sew!

  3. I love that wood cook stove so much! And the loft with all the quilts looks like the coziest ever. Even though it's not Nan's place, it still looks like magic!

  4. Transitions are hard, aren't they? But it's amazing how much I learn about the whole business, walking MY kids through them (ahem!). Glad you had the chance to spend some time, renew the mojo, and chill all together.

  5. It looks lovely. Change is inevitable..no matter how sometimes we wish it weren't so. Embrace it as it seems you are...life is too short to pine after the past!

  6. What a lovely place to sleep tucked up under the roof! I found your blog via SouleMama's comments and had to come say hello to another Kentucky blogging mama. My sister and I blog together and we live in the Berea area. - I look forward to reading more about your adventures and family!

  7. Sigh. That looks wonderful. Is this where the holler is? Will a blog friend in tow help the transition? I'm willing to do that for you, you know.

  8. Oh my gosh, that is the most beautiful space! I love the picture of all the beds with quilts on them. It looks like you had a lovely trip!