Diners and Old Friends

A bit of a random post but I thought I'd catch you up on our week thus far.
During our Memorial Day weekend travels to eastern Kentucky we ate lunch at this fantastic little diner called France's.

We are avid diner fans and seek them out in every small town we can. France's, which has been around for decades, is one of those rare gems that we gravitate to. Sweet gray haired lady, France, still owns and works at the diner each day.

Everything is homemade. Homemade chili, soup beans, mashed potatoes (with chunks of REAL potatoes~ not those flakes from a box.) An adorable revolving cooler houses tons of homemade pies too.

For lunch, I stuffed myself on 2 amazing salmon patties, green beans, and mashed potatoes served on an old school divided plate. Oh my goodness~ southern food at its finest, people. Unfortunately I was too full to order the peanut butter pie I had been eyeing, but there is always next time.

Although I didn't intend on it happening, I kind of like the way the picture turned out. In the reflection of the diner window shows McDonalds across the street. I love that this little guy can still stand against the industry giant and succeed.

A dear friend of ours from years past came for a visit with his family this week. Mark, his beautiful wife Ayuna and their equally beautiful girls, Lydia and Paulina came through for a visit. Mark is originally from Wisconsin, Ayuna is from Siberia and together they live in China with their girls. Such fun and adventurous lives they have! It, of course, made Mike and I miss traveling even more but its always fun to live vicariously through those who do.

Here, Mark and Ayuna are showing the kids where they live on the globe.

This weekend we'll be "setting up shop" at the summer Artists' Market downtown. We will do this 4 Saturdays this summer. Because of nursing Otto often, Mike is going to be my sales associate for the market~ which he loves and is a natural at. I hope to make it out for a while but for the most part I'll keep an eye on the boys for the better part of the day.

Creatively there is so much going on and I am continually amazed and grateful for the doors that open for me. I'll post more about that in coming weeks.

Here's hoping you each have your own adventures this weekend. Whether it is time spent with old friends or eating a meal at a local diner, there is so much to enjoy!