ITS DONE! The Kitchen is Done!!!


After months and months of waiting, the time is here. We pushed through this weekend and finished all of the little projects that needed to be done to finish it.

If you have read this blog for very long, you know we have worked tirelessly on the kitchen. We set a $500 budget for the entire remodel. A very small budget for a very large project. I am SOOOO happy to tell you that we came in WAY under budget. It was just under $300 for the entire project. Yep, $300 bucks for the flooring, paint, hardware, butcher block kitchen island, shelving, and lighting.

I'll give a cost breakdown in the next couple of days and some more details on the project.

But without further ado....THE KITCHEN!!! Woo hoo!!! Here is the link to the flickr photo album.

Let me know what you think!