My latest projects....

I have been so bad about blogging lately....but I have an excuse!!!!
Lately I have been on an apron kick. Can you tell? I have been making these little kids aprons recently and am going to sell them on Etsy. It has been a fun project. I have 3 done and 2 almost done (my goal was to complete 5 to sell).
The kitchen table has become sewing central though which means meals at the couch for the week. I love my old japanese sewing machine Mike bought me at the thrift store a few years ago. It weighs a TON though which isn't great for transporting anywhere. Nonetheless, it sews like a charm.
Next week, I will venture back into painting. I am scared to death to do that! I love to paint but truly it has taken a back seat to life for a while now. Our church has just finished a sermon series on "doing justice". In a nut shell--how to serve the poor (poor in spirit, financially, emotionally, spiritually, etc...) So going along with the theme in which our church has since really been taking it all to heart and serving people like crazy, there is going to be an "art gallery" with any form of art which expresses the theme of doing justice. All that to say, our pastor asked me to consider contributing to this. So I have an idea and now it is just a matter of getting over my fear and plunging in.
Thats next weeks project...I'll keep you posted....

My New Office

My "office" has moved into my cookbook nook. I wish I would have done it sooner! I love having a desk where I look through my cookbooks. Then I can sit and write out menu plans, grocery lists, etc... I also can do my coorespondance with friends, sift through magazines and just have my own little area of the home to myself to dream and create.

Apron Swap

I just participated in a "mini swap" through is impossible to make stand still)
Its mini because it was for the kids. Here is a picture of the cute apron Canaan got in the mail. It came with 3 recipe cards as well for some yummy foods we can't wait to make!