Time at Home

Life is so crazy with kids. Sometimes it is just a whirlwind and then at the end of the day I wonder, "what the heck did I accomplish?"
But then there are those great snipits of the day when things are calmer and I can actually ENJOY being in the moment. Those are great times. I wish I had enough memory to keep them all in my head and heart but unfortunately, I forget them easily. They are so precious though. The times and the boys :)

My Spring Purse

Each season I try to make a new purse. So here it is----the Frenchy Bag (Amy Butler) spring purse. I used some Amy Butler fabric for the bottom and a vintage butterfly fabric I had laying around. It only took a couple of hours, which is always nice.

My new house!

This is our new house. A great little brick cape cod just 2 miles from downtown Lexington yet in a wonderfully quiet neighborhood and with a ton of green space. It all is a work in progress--new paint, plans to take out walls, etc... but we are loving every minute of this place. My mother-in-law and I have started making some linen roman shades. I have one completed and up and took a picture. The top 1/3 is sheer to let continuous light in and the bottom 2/3 is natural linen. The funky tree fabric is my new fabric from Ikea that I made curtains for the dining room in. They are trimmed in linen as well. There is alot still to do. The entire house (except for the living room that we just painted) needs painted and the floors need sanding in time. But now that the weather is getting nicer, we'll focus our energies outside. In the next month we'll get our garden going and get the back patio screened in. The detatched garage is becoming my studio space!!!