The Art of Homemaking has and continues to be a journal of our life with 3 boys at what we like to call "The Smith Homestead". It was started in 2006 when our first son was just a wee little guy and our second son was barely walking. This page is a resource for you to draw on for inspiration in your own home and family. Much of what happens in the day to day isn't listed'll have to go back in the archives and read about those special times on your own.
Thanks for being a part of this journey with us~ there is never a dull moment!

The Basics:
Organizing the Spice Cabinet
Organizing the Kitchen
Staying Organized 
Making A Pantry 

An Autumn Party Under the Maple

Decorating Around The Home:
A Peak at The Smith Homestead (the early years)
Decorating a Stairwell
The Kitchen Remodel
Handmade Christmas Decor Ideas
Decorating Your Porch on the Cheap
The Boys Room
Spring Collections 2012 
The Writing Studio

Day to Day Life:
Down Time at Home
Everyday Life at The Smith Homestead
A Week In Photos
Making Space 
Making The Most Of Your Time 
The Lesson Britney Spears Taught My Son 
Spring Cleaning with Kids 

A Farmhouse Thanksgiving 2012
Pt. 1
Pt. 2
Pt. 3
Pt. 4
Pt. 5
Pt. 6
Pt. 7

The Deeper Things:
Finding Balance
Remembering Others
Just Letting It Go
En"Rich"ing My Life
Setting Goals
Working Out
Poverty Of Purpose Is Far Worse Than Poverty of Purse
Raising Generous Children 
Feeling Pretty
A Life of Being, Having and Doing Enough
Dreams For the Future 
Taking A Sabbath 
Three Quotes That Are Transforming My Thinking 
A Dream House