Dinner in 20 minutes....no kidding!

Blackened Salmon, Potatoes, and French Green Beans---all in under 20 minutes... Super healthy, super delicious, and also makes some great leftovers! Visit my recipe blog, for the recipes.

As I sit here blogging, Winn (Winston) is curled up on his favorite chair. I just had to take a picture. My house is dark today though b/c there are storms on their way, so the picture is a bit fuzzy.

And May All Your Christmas' Be White.....

I just changed out the mantle again for Christmas. Its always a challenge to change it for the seasons on a budget. This year I used different pieces of white dishes and pottery I had. I LOVE to collect white dishes and such. Especially antique pieces. I put them all together here with a $3 garland from Walmart and some $2 for 12 red ornaments from Walmart as well. In high school I painted the picture that I have hanging up. I usually just hang it in the winter time.
A couple of years ago, I saw a painted gourd with this lady on it in a magazine. It was for sale for an outrageous amount of money, but I clipped out the picture and when I had time, and the right size and shape of gourd, I painted her.
I made Christmas stockings from an idea I saw in Garnet Hill magazine a couple of years ago. The problem I am running into is that I made them out of felt and without thinking about it, I forgot that I can't WASH felt. So after the holidays, I am going to spend the next year remaking all of the stockings and making Ezra one as well.

French Macaroons

This was my first attempt at a macaroon. Thankfully the boys were on good behavior. Check out http://gourmet-gals.blogspot.com for the recipe!
I am soooooo slacking on my blogs these days. The holidays are here and that means NO TIME for the extras! We are busy with Christmas partys, church Christmas plays, entertaining at home, visting family and friends, shopping, gift wrapping, endless trips to the post office to mail out things, etc.....
I will try to post in the coming week...