Yesterday I decided I wanted a new baby bag for Florida (we leave tomorrow). So I went through my fabric stash and came up with this. I totally love the end result. I used iron on pellon on the back of the fabric to make it a bit stiffer and not so flimsy. It has an inside pocket for my cell phone and keys as well.
It took about 2 hours of labor (4 hours with running around after the kids, making dinner, etc....).

A walk to the park

We finally had some great weather....atleast for a couple of days. Today we were back to 40 degrees and raining. But in that small glimmer of spring the boys and I headed to our little community park and spent some time in the sun. Ezra is growing beautifully. He is full of life. So funny and quirky. He honestly gives the funniest looks with his eyes. Canaan is just the most witty and cleaver child I know. Always has amazing questions to ask and everything in life is so stinkin exciting to him.....its a blast with these two! (Ezra was so funny too...he wouldn't crawl off that blanket for anything! He was not too fond of the grass and leaves so he kept himself in the middle of the blanket the entire time.)

Waiting for Spring....

Even though it is still 20 degrees outside, I have started spring cleaning. It is March of course! I moved a desk into my "cookbook nook" downstairs and it was one of those things where I wish I would have done it months ago! I love having a little work area down there. I'll take a picture another day and post it (feeling a bit lazy today). Anyhow, it gives me a workspace to organize recipes, pay bills, write letters, and just dream on paper.
Mike and I spent the weekend working our way through our storage stuff. No fun! Really we don't hoard all that much but Mike has a thing for books and since we have no bookshelves, all 10 boxes or so stay in our storage spot off the guest room.
I am definately ready for spring and for some warmer weather. Canaan is dreaming of the park and it will be fun to breathe some fresh air without our lungs hurting!