On Otto Time

The Smith homestead has transitioned into "Otto Time" this week.
We are home from the hospital and adjusting to life with a newborn again.
I had forgotten how life altering a newborn can be. The sleepless nights and foggy days make for an interesting transition...especially with two others running around relatively unphased by the new addition.
So for now we are on Otto time. Lots of hanging out on the bed, hanging out on the couch and moving back to the bed. Meals consisting of yogurt and fruit, cereal, and sandwiches. Watching the snow fall, listening to music, watching TV, and nursing the new little guy.

Day One

Is it even possible to lay this little guy down for even a moment? I am finding that answer a resounding "no". Mike and I have spent the past 24 hours holding our sweet Othniel endlessly. Maybe knowing he is more than likely our last baby is making us increasingly sentimental but I find myself trying to capture each moment~not necessarily on camera but in my memory.
Each sweet breath on my neck, every squeak he gives when he gets hungry, each yawn, every moment he opens his little swollen eyes. This time is so incredibly fleeting and precious...it sounds ridiculous to try to find the words to describe it.
Tears run down my cheeks as I write this because I cannot even begin grasp the depth of this blessed life that we have. It is overwhelming to be given such a gift.

Othniel Rockland Smith

Well after months of waiting, he is here. Our healthy, handsome Otto has made a safe arrival. Only a couple of hours of labor and one hefty push and he was ours to hold. I jokingly told Mike that I was going to be uber-zen about labor this time (no screaming :) and as it would happen, I was...even suprising myself. It was a really calm delivery and my midwife and nurse were spectacular.

His name Othniel means "One who speaks well of God; Lion of God". Rockland is taken from our favorite city in Maine...a place we have traveled to and have great memories of.

We will call him Otto from time to time as well.

Hopefully he will get back from his bathtime in the nursury soon...I can't wait to hold and kiss this little guys endlessly.

We have made it to the hospital...

We just went to the ob who said "you need to get in your car and drive to the hospital right now." To which Megan responded, "do you think I have time to go to Gabriel Brothers (discount clothing store)?"
So off we went ... to Smoothie King! She had to have a smoothie before going to have a baby. But we are here now checked in and ready. I am betting the baby will be here by 1pm. I will let you know.

The 40th Week

After months of morning sickness, back pain, hormones, waiting, anticipation, and excitement the final week is here. Last Friday my midwife said I was 3cm and 60% effaced. This sent Mike into some sort of a crazed panic to finally finish our bathroom remodel and get things in order for this little guys arrival into the world.
I try to explain daily to my sweet hubby that just because I am measuring that way has no bearing on whether or not I will deliver now or in two weeks. With both older boys I was overdue so I have assumed I will be this time as well. Nonetheless, he "forbids" me (in that Homer Simpson kind of way), to go anywhere without him for fear that I will deliver the baby in a thrift store aisle or while looking at cookbooks at the library. (and in my Marge Simpson kind of way, I convince him that I can indeed take my 3 year old to the mall and all will be ok.)
With that said, I do deliver rather quickly. My first was born within 5 hours and my second was born within 3 hours. Both came into the world before the midwife could make it to the room.
My prayer is that this baby arrives just as happy and healthy as my other boys and I wouldn't mind a pain free, easy peasy labor either!

Canaan's Marshmallow Debut

After weeks of waiting, a full page article about Canaan and his marshmallow endeavors came out in the Lexington Herald Leader.
Mike woke up at the crack of dawn, braved the wintry roads, and brought home a paper (and a venti Starbucks coffee) for us to read before Canaan headed to school.
He was slightly overwhelmed by it, I think. When I asked him if he wanted to take it to school and show his friends, he declined. He said he thought it was pretty cool but kind of weird to be in the paper. I told him one day he'll be very proud of it...just as we are today.
You can read it online here

I hadn't even considered the press that would come from this but after a couple of hours at the mall with Ezra, I came home to an inbox full of messages from readers and orders placed for marshmallows to be shipped around the country. Looks like we'll be busy!

(If you are interested in seeing his company page, you can click on the link to the right of this page.)

Great Wolf Lodge

Last week we took a bit of a family adventure. Canaan was on winter break and we were all in need of a break from winter. As the snow was falling in that Arctic storm the east coast braved, we braved our way a couple of hours north to the 84 degree indoor hotel/resort at Great Wolf Lodge.

How fun it was to dig our swimsuits out of summer storage and cut the tags from the new flip flops I had stored away for the boys.
The lodge was enormous, and beautiful. Still decorated for the winter season, it was like walking into a cozy ski lodge. Leather couches and a large fireplace welcomed us.
We barely checked in and settled into our room before we were changing into our swimsuits and heading down to the indoor waterpark we had so highly anticipated. Let me just say that there is something so fun about seeing the snow fall outside while floating down a lazy river in 84 degree water.

Because of the winter weather and the fact that many schools were not on winter break the water park was practically empty. We were able to enjoy the slides, wave pool, lazy river, and other things without a wait or crowds.

The boys had an absolute blast. Mike and I did as well. We typically don't do these kinds of family outings. We generally go for more "off the beaten path" outings. With that said, I am so glad we went on this fun family adventure.

Nightly pajama story time at the Clock Tower
I found myself singing "back to life..back to reality.." for a few hours after we got home. Getting away for a night to do something out of the ordinary was a break from the daily routine of life~ and we all know that is needed from time to time.

We were given a generous discount by Great Wolf Lodge. They often offer package deals throughout the year so be sure to check their website.
There are several Great Wolf Lodges around the US.
Check out Great Wolf Lodge here.
You may also be interested to know that they have a sweepstakes right now. Go here to enter

We also like the fact that they are the first – and only – national hotel chain to have all of its U.S. properties Green Seal-Certified. Check out their Project Green Wolf here.

Making; Day 4~ Making Shirts

Here are the freezer paper stencil shirts I made for Canaan's birthday. He has been loving the yo yo we got him for Christmas so I made this yo yo master shirt with a
"7" on it commemorating his 7th birthday.
During a trip into J Crew where he spotted an adorable, yet pricey lobster tee shirt, he has been wanting his own lobster shirt. We took a trip to Portland two years ago so I included a little tribute to our trip as well.

Making; Day 3~ Making Pin Up Aprons

A few weeks back I developed a fun little pattern for a sexy pin- up apron. I made the first one for my sweet photographer friend, Morgan (you know, those FANTASTIC photos I shared a few days back?)
Morgan is the essence of sexiness, fun, creativity, and class. She is a mom, a wife, an entrepreneur, and a teacher.
She has been fulfilling an amazing idea of her's called "Bluegrass Romance". Head on over and take a look...

Making; Day 2~ Making Stuff

So I am considering doing an art fair this May. You know, setting up the booth, making a ton of merchandise, meeting lots of people, and hopefully selling lots of goodies. There is a wonderful one here in Lexington that I have submitted an application to be a part of. No word until middle March either way.
Nonetheless I have been kicking into high gear to make things with the hopes of participating. If it doesn't work out, I'll have plenty of things for the shops I sell at as well as maybe finally starting an online shop.
Do any of you have advise or thoughts about being a vendor at an art fair?

Making; Day 1 ~ Making Memories

A doughnut date with Mr. Incredible is what I was treated to last week. In fact, I went many places with Mr. Incredible last week. That is until he found a new soccer shirt at the store and became David Beckham each morning for a few days. Then the soccer outfit was jazzed up with his "work coat" as he calls it~ his navy blue blazer.
He would sit smokey eyed on the couch with his work blazer, soccer shirt, soccer pants, and tie on swiping a band-aid wrapper across his face saying he was shaving for work. He is very serious about it all.
Many things are being made around here but the best thing of all are memories.


Inspired to buy a vintage camper

Inspired to start the topography quilt I have wanted to do now for a while

Inspired to embroider a love letter

Inspired to hide out and read all day long in this lovely space

What are you inspired to do nowdays?


For years Mike and I traveled...alot. Separately before we were married and together after we were married. We've been to the far reaches of Mongolia, deep in the tribal jungles of Papua New Guinea, the jade factories in China, the wild rivers of western Africa, the steps of the Sydney Opera House, and the streets of Casablanca.

Yesterday I woke up early to a beautiful pink sky. My immediate internal response was, "I wish I was on a beach somewhere this morning."
This thought has not been a first in recent months. I have often found myself going about my day and then suddenly wishing I was transported to a distant land. I long to travel again with Mike and the boys. I long for our children to experience other cultures, sights, smells, and experiences.
I guess it is the routine of daily living that gives me this longing for adventure again. We have a beautiful life here at The Smith Homestead (as I like to call it.) We are blessed beyond belief with health, happiness and a good life. This post is by no means complaining but I guess rather a chance to express my desire to one day pack our Lowe Alpine backpacks, lace up our hiking boots, grab our passports, and head on another great adventure.

For now I will savor each day to crunch my boots in the snow as I go feed the chickens and collect eggs, enjoy a morning cup of coffee with Mike, watch Canaan bounce off to another day of school, make lunch for Ezra and tuck him in for an afternoon nap, welcome the family back home with a warm evening meal, and say our prayers each night together as a family~ truly thanking God for this blessed life we live.