Founder/Editor/Publisher of CAKE&WHISKEY; the Sweet & Spirited World of Business

Other Writings Include:

International Quilt Festival; Quilt Scene 2010; Interweave Press
Pies and Cakes; Popular Kitchen Series; Hobby Farm Home 2011
Soups and Stews; Popular Kitchen Series; Hobby Farm Home Vol. 7
Mingle Magazine; Spring 2012
Mingle Magazine; Autumn 2012 
BabyYourself  June 2012 
Hobby Farm Home ; Sept/Oct 2012
The Bourbon Review 
     Bourbon Barrel Foods; Summer 2012
     Bourbon Barrel Furniture; Spring 2012

An Appalachian Molasses Stir Off
Home Cook Discovers the Joys of Charcuterie
Grass Fed Beef; Its What's For Dinner
A Little Indulgence For Mom
Sharing Family Adventures
Antique Shops Provide Adventure in Eastern Kentucky
Plan Your Garden With Thanksgiving In Mind
Create Your Own Valentine Cards and Gifts
Pinterest. A Gallery of Food, Crafts, Home D├ęcor & More
Keeneland and Kids

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Trawick and Martin - Bird houses
Trawick and Martin - Collecting Hotel Silver
Trawick and Martin - Think Inside the Box
Frye Custom Home Builders

Monthly Column- Kentucky Monthly
Close to the Heart - Good Shepherd Cheese
The Haven of the Home - Art of Homemaking Column
Dance of Fellowship - Carcassone Square Dance
Beautifully Constructed - The Life and Legacy of Charlie Whitaker
A Sweeter Slice of Life - Homemade Pie
Bluegrass Bounty- Thanksgiving Dinner

Monthly Column- Chevy Chaser
The Lost Art of Entertaining
A Clean Streak
With Kids in Tow
Fowl Play
Enthused About Infusion
DIY Front Door DecoratingMastering Microwave Desserts
Hands Full With Hand Pies
On-Street Party
Pick A Plot or a Pot
Kitchen Time Savers
The Lost Art of Letter Writing
On The Money
The Gift That Says, "I Made This"
Holiday Help
How 'Bout Them Apples
Kaas And Effect
Creating New Thanksgiving Traditions
A Cup of Holiday Spirit
Valentine Partner Projects
Color To Dye For
Doughnuts Done Right
Picknicking Made Perfect
Shake It Up With Shaker Lemon Pie
The Deviled is in the Details 
A Space to Call Your Own 
Homemade Stock
Breaking Bread ~ How to Make Homemade Bread
The Most Wonderful List of the Year