Aprons, aprons, aprons

Still on my apron kick. Here is a little girly one I made yesterday.


I have been trying to embroider shirts for the boys. I usually can find them plain matching shirts at Old Navy and then add my own design. Canaan wanting a camping shirt so thats what these are.

Making it feel like home....

My how the time flys!

Ok, it has been what, months!, since I have last posted. Ok, maybe a month.
Regardless...too long. We have been moving into our new pad which is always
such a long and drawn out process. We went from an old 1800's house to a house
that is 3 years old. What the heck am I supposed to do to decorate?
All of our furnishings are antiques, thrift store finds, beloved auction finds, and
shabby chic pieces. How does that mesh with carpet, recessed lighting, and all that
comes along with a "new house"?
Its been tricky but I am finally starting to mesh the two ideas together. Over the next week or two I'll post some of my new decorating strategies for this place. Any ideas on how to continue with it would be much welcomed. Except for the living room, not much else has been touched. That will come in time I suppose....
Anyhow, its good to be back. I'll try to be more faithful from now on...