Life in Photos

Prior to the camera phone...I toted around my Nikon D60. Before that, I had a much smaller/less pricey digital camera. And in my younger days, I'd load the spool of film and be on my way~ counting the photos as I took, to ensure there would be enough to not run out too soon.

There are some days that I leave it all behind though just to completely detach. I've actually been doing a lot more of that lately...especially on the weekends. Turning it off on a Friday afternoon and not powering on again until Monday morning. Really great practice to get into. I highly recommend it. 

Some of my favorite memories this week? Spending dusk to dark with Canaan at our community garden plot on our hands and knees, gathering the last of the cherry tomatoes from the vines and digging the biggest carrot on record (EVER!...ok, well it has to be really close), out of the cold soil. We broke the spade and proceeded to work our fingertips to the bone to pull the precious cargo from the ground and home to show off to the rest.
I loved my afternoon of painting with Ezra at a park near our house. We set up a portable studio on a bench and painted for hours, only leaving because the gate was closing for the night. We barely talked...only commenting occasionally about the funny bird sound or remarking about the perfect weather that day. We both left with our finished paintings in hand and a vow to do that more often. 

Recently life has been a series of cross country meets, soccer games, late afternoons in the kitchen
and late evenings in the garden. Its been painting dates, picnics with friends, candlelit dinners, final touches on the fall issue of the magazine and evenings of Masterpiece Mystery. In other words...really great memories.


Huffington Post "Love Letter to Lexington"

A couple of weeks ago, I was emailed with a request...a request to write. Of course, as a writer and editor, its not unusual to receive such emails. But this email caught my eye on that first pop-up in the inbox. It was an email from a pretty snazzy marketing company here in Lexington looking to connect a local writer with a travel editor at a pretty snazzy NYC online publication for a "Love Letter to Lexington."
Truth be told, I have zero time to write much of anything beyond the land of CAKE&WHISKEY anymore. But, there was something about this project that was calling my name.
Donning the editor hat a few months ago certainly pulled me away from creative wheels that can only be put in motion with a blank document and the crazy mish-mash of thoughts waiting to be pulled, how I have missed that.
The piece was sent off last week and immediately my editor hat was picked up off the floor (where Jameson the bunny was nibbling on the brim) and it has been a mad dash to the finish line of a gorgeous fall issue to be released in October.
This morning The Huffington Post ran the "Love Letter to Lexington" and a big smile came across my face. I loved writing it because I truly love this city. And I something in me needed to set aside all else for just a few hours to reflect on why.