NYC - A food tour with my first born

I am in New York City often nowadays for CAKE&WHISKEY work. Each time I pack my little rolling suitcase, board the plane and step off two hours later with the skyline of the most bustling city in the US greeting me....I get butterflies of giddiness.
NYC was where I asked to go for my high school graduation gift. I have no idea what my parents got me for graduation, but it definitely wasn't a first trip to NYC. It wasn't until two years ago that I went for the first time and I was struck with some Big Apple fever that has never waned since.

But, NYC for me has never been a trip I've taken as a tourist. I've never been to the Statue of Liberty, a Broadway show or the Empire State Building. Instead, I see NYC through the back of a taxi, rushing from meeting to meeting and hoping for a break between to grab a bite to eat and respond to emails if there's free internet at the cafe I've ducked into.

But not too long ago I took Canaan on one of my work trips. And NYC opened up to me in a whole new way. My first born, as you likely know already, is the definition of 'foodie'. He came out of the womb with a whisk and a Le Creuset.

Our three day trip was monumentally memorable. I did have meetings, but I made time for play. And play we did. Finding little spice shops and eateries, walking to restaurants he had researched ahead of time and asking locals for recommendations. Our bellies stayed full and our feet stayed tired as we canvased most all of NYC on foot and by subway. The last customers for late night cannolis in Little Italy, the warm nutella waffles while walking around Central Park, Jazz at Dizzy's Coca Cola Club, buying him his first Swatch watch in Times Square, horchata at Otto's Tacos and getting utterly lost in times ever.