Snacks and Sweets

We have been stuck inside for nearly a week now. Literally, I have not left the house since Monday...I have stayed in pajamas since Monday too. Yes, I have showered and changed into new pajamas, thank you very much!
With all of this homeboundness, there has been lots of crafting by me, lots of coloring by the boys, and lots of cooking and munching.
I saw recently this idea for letting your kids snack. I am a firm believer in letting kids snack throughout the day on healthy things and not being so strict about 3 big meals each day. The boys do eat meals but they like to graze throughout the day as well.

I've been using these muffin tins and putting them out on the kitchen table in the late morning or early afternoon. Each day can be something different. Today I am going to cut up some healthy frozen waffle slices to add to the mix. Things like raw almonds, apple slices (which I soak in lemon water to keep them from turning brown), cheerios, carrots, celery, raisins, grapes, you get the idea....

I find it gives me a break too because I am not always having to listen to them say "I'm hungry, can I have ____".
Although we do try to eat healthy around here for the most part, I am not opposed to some fun cookie making/eating either.

This week we tried these yummy chocolate cookies with marshmellows in the middle. The recipe called for chocolate icing--which seemed a bit over the top- so I swirled on a little mountain of whipped cream instead. They tasted a bit like whoopie pies from Maine. Very yummy and very easy for the boys to help with.