I keep this inspiration book of sorts. Its just a plain book with plain pages that I occasionally fill with artistic thoughts, sketches, ideas, and dreams. I go long periods without using it and periods of time where it is with me all the time. I pulled it off the shelf the other day to sketch some ideas I have for my someday shop I will have.
I took some time to look through the filled pages. It was so much fun to read window gardening ideas I had planned when we lived in Florida, favorite quotes I had written and since forgotten, sewing project ideas, and little tips about sketching that I had written on page 1.
Most surprisingly was a page I came across titled "Goals". It was from Feb.1, 2002. I don't remember even writing this page actually (that isn't saying much since I have a terrible memory). It was 9 days before Canaan, my first child was born. We lived in Florida at the time doing full time missions work for an international missions organization. We lived in a tiny 2 room mother-in-law sweet we rented from our co-workers and we spent our days planning trips for students into remote tribal locations.
Here are what my goals were for 2002.(This is before I had ever learned to sew, didn't do a ton of cooking, and was 24 years old.)
I had written: "What do I want for myself? Who am I? How do I desire to be defined? I want to be defined as Creative, Passionate, Sincere, Decisive, Carefree. How do I cultivate these?"
Goal #1 Spend at least 30 minutes reading my Bible and 15 minutes in continuous prayer.
Goal #2 Become more aware of my passions and why I have them
How do I do this? I grow in passion by setting goals and striving to achieve them. Learning what I love and becoming more passionate about them. What do I love and enjoy extensively? What gives me goosebumps and gets me motivated and excited?
- cooking/entertaining - dreaming up new ideas
- learning - pleasing others and bringing joy through
- doing creative things kindness
- spending time with Mike - travel
Goal #3 I grow in decisiveness by learning more about who I am and what I truly like. Each day make a decision I otherwise would have not made before.
Goal #4 I will strive to step out of my comfort zone more often. I will approach people and not wait for them to approach me. To be more assertive in situations I typically would back down from.
Goal #5 Do 2-3 creative things a week. To explore my creative energies and whole heartedly embrace my ideas and not put down myself or my ideas.

Going over these writings from 6 years ago confirms to me that I truly do try to achieve my goals in life. I have seen all areas of my life improve in these goals. Part of this is just maturing and growing as a person but much of it has been a conscious choice to live my life to the fullest and embrace everyday and live it to the fullest potential. I know I don't live my life to the fullest but I continually seek to and try to be honest and truthful with myself in my weaknesses so I can grow and deepen as a person.

I hope we all can continue to grow to a deeper level. It bugs me to no end when I meet people who feel that they have "arrived" and have nothing left to learn and feel that as a person they are the best they can be. I listened to a sermon online this week and the pastor was saying that the Bible says to "walk in Spirit and in truth". Walking in truth is hard and acknowledging the truth about ourselves sometimes can be painful. Although painful, it is essential for growth and a life that is lived to the fullest!