Wool Christmas Stockings

I find it nearly impossible to find good quality 100% wool at our local fabric store. I have been wanting to make wool stockings each Christmas but have been frustrated by my lack of supplies to do so. This weekend I decided to venture out to a few thrift stores and see what ideas came to mind.
What I came home with was 1 wool sweater, 1 pair of plaid wool pants, and 2 wool skirts. All which now have become these...

I also have scraps leftover to make some patchwork pillows.

The stockings were incredibly easy. I used a simple McCall's pattern and had four done within 2 hours (after cutting the fabric). Plus it is nice to know that the materials are re-purposed and thus I am "eco-friendly girl!!"
These, along with alot of other things, are headed up to the shop today. I am busily getting ready for the upcoming holiday shopping season.
My project list includes:

1. wool mens scarves
2. more aprons
3. vintage fabric necklaces
4. throw pillows
5. notecard packs

I'd better get busy!


  1. The stockings are beautiful and cozy! Great job with them. :)

  2. wow! I love this kind of thing. Thrift stores are FULL of things to re-use and re-purpose into beautiful things like YOU made! great job!