A Field Trip

Mike has been at home for 3 weeks now. The first two weeks proved to be an interesting lesson in communication for us in our expectations for the day, preparation for the day, hopes for the future, and so on. Week three has been much more enjoyable, less stressful and we’re finding our groove for everyday life as it happens to be right now.
He spends much of the day networking, applying for jobs and looking for jobs mixed in with helping me tote Otto around, clean up the breakfast dishes, throw in a load of laundry and help Canaan with homework. He has always been great at these things…its just that I get the help all day long now! Unfortunately I haven’t kept up on anything from my end. Having him home has totally thrown off my schedule each day. The lack of blogging is evidence of this. Also the lack of sewing, article writing and menu planning is piling up. I need to get that sorted out for future weeks.
Yesterday we decided to break out of our homebound routine and take a little road trip 20 minutes north of us to the town of Georgetown. We have been so focused on saving money by not driving around a lot, not eating out and not shopping that we have become the ultimate homebodies.

Our little afternoon excursion to Georgetown was just what we needed to get some fresh perspective again, enjoy the first snowflakes of our winter storm that came in last night and eat a cheap diner meal at the 100 year old Fava’s Restaurant. **Let me use this time to say that I am still on my no flour kick until Mike finds a job. It took every ounce of willpower I possess to not order or even take a bite of the ridiculously thick, greasy diner burgers. It was hard. And for those of you who may be like me (health conscious, into health foods, etc..) I have read all about how much healthier one will feel when eliminating flour from the diet. This is not so. it’s a lie. I feel no different, my skin is no more glowing than before, I have no more energy. I just want bread.
But back to Georgetown, it’s a great little place with shops, antiques, bakeries and knick knacks. We only had a few short hours before it was time to get Canaan at school…but they were a refreshing few hours, indeed.

And in the end the trip was free. Well…it will be free. We have made it customary on road trips to try to fund the trip by finding something we can sell on Ebay to cover the costs. This trip was no different. Definitely found a couple of treasures that will bring in some profit and let us enjoy little outings without the guilt of spending money during this time.


  1. I love the pic of Otto! He is so adorable and such a little Smith!! And I'm not sure how you made a greasy diner in Georgetown look retro cool :)

  2. Welcome to Georgetown! We live a block south of Fava's in an old Victorian. I am happy your trip here was fun. I enjoy reading your blog and like that you write about so many places I recognize! Best wishes with the flour detox. I am a vegetarian and Fava's is very difficult for me...though they make killer homemade pimiento cheese...I can imagine it was hard for you.
    Take care!

  3. Oh wow, look at Otto!

    I could never give up flour, but in those times I manage to give up sugar, it does do wonders for my energy. As for the skin? No hope there.

  4. Yay for your willpower! But bummer on the lack of positive kickbacks! Love the photo of Otto.

    by the way, I enjoyed listening to the "kiss me like you mean it" show that you had mentioned in your earlier post. After 21 years of marriage, I think we're in it for the long haul, but it gave me a different perspective to think about. Thanks.

  5. i had to go gluten free while i was nursing tate. yup, no weight loss, no more energy then before, just a huge craving for crackers. xo.

  6. Wow, you guys are so resourceful! I love that you fund your trips by supplementing with ebay finds! It can add another level of fun to the trip, so smart. I know what you mean, sometimes trying to save money can become so daunting. It prevents you from living life. Congrats on finding a way to make it work! I love these photos also, so enchanting ;)

  7. Thanks everyone! Jeannie, so excited you are nearby! We looked at many Victorians in Georgetown when buying. In fact, we looked at one on Broadway during our trip up there this week. Dreamy.

  8. Alyssa Hoyt31/1/11 1:57 AM

    We lived in Georgetown for about 2 months while we were looking for a house in Lexington, and really liked Fava's. We went there one of our first nights in Kentucky. The teenager that served us was great with the kids and really friendly. I almost hired him as a babysitter on the spot. It was a great introduction to the state!