Dear Santa...

Last year at this time, as many of you probably know, my husband lost his pharmaceutical job unexpectedly.  12 months later he is still job hunting although he certainly hasn't been "unemployed" this year. We opened a bakery, our son's company has grown and he has come to appreciate the duties of maintaining the home (and kids) at a whole new level ~smile

With the job gone, we decided to return the gifts we had bought for one another last Christmas. It was the responsible "adult" thing to do. But as I shared about here, Christmas morning was full of surprises and really I can't remember a more special Christmas than that one...which also included this amazing jewelry box from my parents.

When opened it plays "Edelweiss" from The Sound of Music. I keep the few pieces of jewelry I own ~ all things from Mike and the boys...along with a couple of sweet notes.

I come into this season with a new level of thankfulness to God, who has sustained our family of 5 this year.
I am so thankful for the friends and family that have sustained us mentally, emotionally and creatively. We have had the opportunity to glean so much wisdom and insight from them during this taxing journey.
Some sweet gifts from afar came in the mail this week, which are a perfect reminder for us of just how loved and cared for we are~

Mike's sweet aunt and uncle in Ohio sent these amazing little ornaments with the family's name on them. They go perfectly with our rustic "handmade" tree.

And my sweet sister and her family sent us a box of goodies, filled with gifts and sweet treats. I came downstairs to see that Canaan had already artfully arranged the platter and wanted to me to snap a picture. So the credits for art direction go to; Canaan Smith.

And finally; my list to Santa. It isn't too large of a request, in my book. Mike thinks otherwise.

A new chicken coop....just like this. (see, I told you...not too large of a request ;)
I saw this picture in the magazine, Where Women Cook, and had to snap a photo. Dreamy!!!!! I think if the elves put their minds to it, they could whip this up in 3 days, don't you think?

This Angora rabbit. Ok...maybe not this one in particular (I'm sure he lives with a nice family) but one of his siblings? I think a little furry monster like this would make a perfect addition to our family. Plus the beautiful angora I could spin??? Imagine! If you know of where I could get one of these furry fellow...please let Santa know ( and by the way, Mike is not Santa. Mike would say "no" to this don't tell him about this list, thanks.)

What's on your list this year?


  1. a family photo would be nice, taken by an actual photographer would be even better. merry christmas to you and sweet family. x

  2. No chickens.
    No bunnies.
    At least until we get a bigger yard thanks.

  3. I'm with Mike on this one...

    I actually don't have anything on my list this year. Seriously. I'm not interested in anything this Christmas, just holding my family close. Well, except maybe a day or two without them at some point!

  4. can't take his side. Its very un-blog friend-like ;)

    Have a sweet Christmas day holding that adorable family of yours close.

  5. This was such a lovely post.I came here to say thank you so much for the kind words and mentioning our magazine but now all I can think is BUNNY. FUZZY. WIDDLE. BUNNY!

    (Seriously...that fuzzball instantly captured my heart)

    xo LLC for WWCook

  6. megan, I'd even help build your chicken coop! It would perfect at one end of the house. the old folk years ago use to build their barns attached to one end of their home's. ha!

  7. I love that idea, JoeAnne, of having it attached in some way. Makes sense!!

  8. About angora rabbits...a bunny shelter exists for this specific type of rabbit in the suburbs of Chicago. Don't know where you live but when you're ready for rabbit shopping try the shelters in your area. Oh yeah, and the shelter i mentioned also claims to litterbox train the rabbits before they are adopted out.