My Stitching Project

I month or so ago I bought myself a Stitching starter kit on Amazon. It was this cute little box with a needle, a how to book, string, iron on patterns, and the stretcher circle things. I first took one of Canaan's drawings of an octopus and am in the process of making a pillow with it (pictures to come when that project is done), but in the meantime, I sat down to watch 24 the other night with Mike and grabbed this plain green shirt of Canaan's I had bought at Old Navy. Canaan LOVES his guitar so I drew a picture of the outline of the guitar on his shirt with a pencil (lightly), read in my book about the different stitches, and started in on this shirt. I have never been one for practicing beforehand and I didn't this time. Thankfully it all came out just fine! I was so proud of my first project! And Canaan love it! I am sure this will be a new addiciton of mine!