Taking a break....

Sometimes I just need a break. A break from washing dishes, cooking dinner, making beds, folding clothes, grocery lists, and sweeping floors.
I just love my time with my boys. Whether reading Canaan a bible story or snuggling on the bed with Ezra--it is just the best....and my "household duties" can remain on the backburner.
We did have a dinner party Friday night. I made a vegetarian Greek feast. The only hitch was that on Thurs. night when I wanted to get a jump start on the meal, I started the oven and it kicked the bucket. No oven and 8 people coming over for dinner the next night!!!! I ran up to Walmart and bought one of those countertop electric stove things. Worked great!
We feasted on hummus with chips and veggies, a tabouleh salad that our friend Sarah brought, orzo pasta with spinach, roasted red peppers and vinaigrette, eggplant gyros, and a greek potato salad with kalamata olives, oregano, yogurt, and cucumbers. To top it off, our friend Annie and her husband Aaron brought 2 yummy pies from a local pie bakery, Missy's Pies. YUMMMMMM!!!