Life nowdays

Things here in the Smith household are going well. We're all enjoying life to the fullest. Mike and I are now the college pastors at our church ( Its going great. Tons and tons of college students come there and we are having a great time meeting and connecting with many of them.
The boys are so much fun. Canaan is almost 5 and is so full of life. Its always a joy to watch him grow and learn and have such a happiness in his life. Ezra is fantastic as well. He is 18 months old and so much fun. He is on the go NON STOP which makes mama on the go NON STOP as well.
We're all crafting in the house too. Mike is still pursuing his candle company and we'd love to see that launched in 2008. I am crafting mostly for our home or for friends and family but one day I wouldn't mind selling some things. Canaan is continually his little artistic self. He loves music and mixing music. He loves to paint and "thread" (which is embroidery :) He loves it all-just like me.
Here's a couple of things I did today. A wrist/ bracelet thing I saw on Etsy somewhere and a pillow I designed and made for a gift for Christmas.