Abundant Lettuce!

Well the only thing that is ready for picking in our garden right now is lettuce. And LOTS of it. In fact, I've had to let some of it just die b/c in reality we just don't eat as much salad as we should I guess.
We do have tomatoes, peppers and watermelon planted, just not ready. The downside to gardening is the nice chigger bites I have on my torso. They are itchy and ugly and no fun.
This weekend was fun and relaxing. We had a little yard sale on Saturday morning followed by a shopping spree of sorts at the Dillards here in town that was closing. Everything in the store was 75% off with an additional 80% off. Needless to say, amazing deals! I even was able to snag one of the stores clothing racks to keep my Ebay stuff organized. I brought it home and Mike spray painted it a cute blue color for me :)
Sunday we headed to Cincinatti for the day. We went to a park and to Ikea for dinner. It was a great weekend overall with so much to be thankful for.