My 30th

I haven't posted much lately b/c pretty much life is just crazy busy and I haven't had a chance to sit and write much.
My 30th birthday came and went. Now I am officially in my 30's. It really was such a great birthday. Mike spoiled me rotten and my friends lavished such love on me. I am such a lucky gal!
I got wonderful gifts, flowers, kisses and hugs, and yummy food for my special day. My friend Kristie sent me a great box filled with wonderful treasures like fabric, handmade goodies, and books. So sweet! My sister and brother sent beautiful flowers as well. I got wonderful phone calls and emails that just warmed my heart so much. Mike got me an awesome new camera for all of my creative endeavors! If I can ever discipline myself to sit down and read the manual, I may actually take some good pics!
We went out to a wonderful dinner and met 15 friends for drinks and dessert. So much fun! It is amazing to have a community of friends that we can invest in and be invested in.
Speaking of our friends, keep our dear friends Shawn and Julie in your prayers. They were out of town up in Columbus and were in a serious car accident. Praise God they are alive and aside from a few broken bones they will be ok. Keep them in your prayers!