Ezra is so much fun nowdays (as well as incredibly whiny at times but that comes with the age :) The other day I asked him to go get dressed and he came downstairs in this outfit that he was SOO proud of. He completely dressed himself in a pajama shirt, adidas pants, and blue cotton shorts to top it off! Quite an eye for fashion, eh?
He also loves digging in the garden (or anywhere in the yard for that matter). He and Canaan are interacting so much more nowdays. Today they spent time throwing the frisbee back and forth together. Actually taking turns, playing nice, and having fun!! Indoors they love to make little "tents" out of quilts and play under them. Unfortuantely Ezra is still learning how to play that game. He inevitably crashes the tent down at some point or another which frustrates Canaan who has spent time constructing it. They are both learning :)